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Planning Your Career in the New Year

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Job SecurityIf youve been laid off due to the COVID pandemic or for other reasons, job security might be the number one criteria for your next job. If thats the case, take a look at these 19 careers with the most job security. This list was compiled in April 2020, after corona was in full swing, which means that the information is current. The careers run a wide gamut, from home health aide with a median salary of about $24,000 to a software developer with a median salary of $100,000. Youll notice that many jobs on the list are related to the medical field, but not all. In other words, theres a large enough choice that you dont need to be pigeonholed into one area.

Employee BenefitsMany employees feel that their benefits package is more important than their actual salary. This is because benefits like health and dental not only cover vital medical services, but other benefits go toward creating a company culture thats built on employee respect. If this rings a bell, check out these part-time jobs with benefits and these full-time jobs. And here are some more. Fortunately, even if these companies arent located near you, remote working is becoming more and more doable.

Work-Life BalanceSince the advent of the coronavirus, many people have been recalibrating their priorities. While earning a paycheck is still important, they dont want it to come at the expense of spending quality time with their family and friends. If this sounds like you, take a look at this slideshow from the U.S. News & World Report. Here you can see some of the best jobs for attaining the right work-life balance. Some highlights of this list include a web developer with a median salary of about $73,000, a dental hygienist who earns slightly more, a nail technician with a median salary of about $25,000 and an interpreter/translator with an average salary of $52,000. In this list youll notice that most of the jobs are below the $50,000 salary mark, so thats something to keep in mind.

Fulfillment & PassionWhether because of COVID-19 or regardless of it, there are those people who seek jobs in which they can find fulfillment or that theyre passionate about. Otherwise, getting out of bed in the morning is just too difficult. Unfortunately, Google doesnt have a list of jobs that you will find fulfilling or that youre passionate about. Only you can make that call. However, there are some things you can consider. According to Forbes, there are several ways you can go about achieving the right job for you. These include finding your purpose, challenging yourself and getting a mentor, among others. In some ways, its both harder and easier to find a job these sorts of jobs, and it may indeed be a learning experience of trial and error. But once you do find that job that fulfills you or that youre passionate about, your entire life can change.

New Year, New JobNo matter your stage in life, its not easy re-launching your career. But if you keep your greater goal in mind, its worth it. The New Year is an auspicious time to begin new things, so theres no better time than now to start your search. Another auspicious way to start off the New Year is by buying life insurance. Life insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that your loved ones will be protected in case the worst should happen to you. While many employers offer group life insurance, this should be considered a supplemental policy since the coverage is fairly low. Sproutt insurance advisors are available to help determine what kind of life insurance is best for each situation. Simply answer a few questions and we will find the best-value plan for your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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Unknown member
Feb 22

As for my plans for this year, I have quite a few, and I have already started to actively implement some of them. The main thing is probably to improve my studies and gain new knowledge. It's good that I have support and a safety net, that I can ask for help, and that I have a letter of recommendation that I will need this academic year. I can also mention the fact that from the very moment I graduate, I will most likely fly to another country to build my future career. Somehow, I think my plans are quite good.


Unknown member
Feb 21

When planning my development for this year, I immediately told myself that my goal would be to improve my knowledge and reach a new level of earnings. In terms of knowledge, I have already started to improve my grades at college and look for additional sources of information. I also sometimes use this service, which is the best of its kind in helping students with their future. I can say for sure that with their help, I have definitely improved my grades, and this is already progress, because it is only February, and my studies started four weeks ago. Thus, the plans I had set for myself have already begun to be realised.

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