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Intuitively we are all aware of the advantages of a good night’s sleep and the impact lack of sleep has on our ability to function throughout the day. Sleep is one of the basic ingredients that our body requires to function properly.At Sproutt, we understand the importance of sleep and rest and encourage you to do the same.


Why is sleep crucial to your health?


Sleep allows for better concentration and productivity.

Positive outlook

Research shows there is a link between depression and lack of sleep.

Physical excellence

Adequate sleep leads to better athletic achievement.

Being immune

Sleep helps repair, recover, and strengthen our immune system.

Healthy heart

The risk of heart disease decreases with adequate rest.

Food consumption

Lack of sleep interferes with food intake regulation.

Sleep is not just about being tired, it is essential to our health and overall well-being.
So, what should you do?

Getting a better night’s sleep

Increase bright light exposure during the day and reduce blue light exposure in the evening. Try to sleep and wake up at consistent times and reduce irregular or long naps.
• Spend more time being active outside during the day.
• If you’ve had enough sleep, try not to sleep in.
• Kids need less sleep as they grow up but still need enough (Teens need 8-10 hours of sleep a night).
• Keep in mind that sleep requirements vary from person to person.

Did you know?

Lifetime sleep

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep.

1/3 Our lives

Sleep deprivation

35% of adults (male and female) in the United States are sleep-deprived.

35% Adults

Sleeping pills

9 million out of 209 million (5%) US adults use sleeping pills.

9 Million People

Sleep needs by age

The National Sleep Foundation recommends age-related sleep durations. These are based on the disciplines of physiology, neurology, pediatrics, gerontology, and gynecology. These ranges are healthy spans of time in which we improve the health and state of our sleep and overall well-being.


How do we at Sproutt, assess if you are getting enough sleep

When you fill out the QL assessment questionnaire, you will answer a few questions about your sleep patterns and behavior as well as questions about your behavior, nutrition, and more wellness topics. We then compare these with research supporting the importance of sleep as well as our age, level of physical activity, and nutritional alternatives. This allows us to rate you on Sproutt’s wellness scale and can then commend you on your current habits or suggest actions and tips to take better care of yourself and match you with the right plan of life insurance.

Get rewarded for the quality life you live

At Sproutt, we developed the Quality of Life Index that assesses your lifestyle and provides a personalized set of suggestions, recommendations, and references based on cutting edge medical research for a better life. Our goal is to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and get access to the best life insurance products at the best rates.

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