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Agent FAQs
  • How is Sproutt different from the rest?
    At Sproutt, we help people obtain insurance coverage according to their lifestyle, preferences and needs. Combining technology and human touch, we map a large variety of insurance products and companies, enabling a seamless, transparent and optimal way to match people with the insurance coverage that fits their needs.
  • How does Sproutt generate revenue?
    As an insurance broker, we get paid a commission from the insurance company. To ensure objectivity, we set our employee compensation scheme in a way that makes them indifferent to which insurance company the customer selects; an advisor receives the same commission for all carriers.
  • Is Sproutt affiliated with any insurance companies?
    No. We are an independent broker. We don’t work for an insurance company, but rather for you – our customer. We have access to a large variety of life insurance companies, and we consistently review and rate leading life insurance companies and products, without any bias or hidden agenda.
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