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About Us

Meet Sproutt, a life insurance products platform for agents, agencies, and consumers, that leverages data and technology to modernize life insurance products and the overall buying experience. In order to deliver the best experience for agencies, agents and consumers, we apply artificial intelligence across several data sources coupled with the specific consumer attributes to recommend the best product and buying options in real time. We offer a modern, fully digital experience, that enables the most convenient buying process, while delivering the highest rated products in the industry.

Buying life insurance protects one’s loved ones from potentially devastating financial losses and is therefore a sought out product. However, buying life insurance can be complex and confusing and that is what we strive to provide not only the best matching products, but also the tools necessary for agents and consumers to better understand the needs and potential solutions in the most transparent and accurate way.

Meet the Team

Yoav Shaham

CEO & Co-founder

Itai Brickner

CTO & Co-founder

Ben Reder

Senior VP of Distribution

Tony Bosco

AVP of Sales

Hila Feder

VP of Finance

Our Story

The data dynamics of the $150 billion US life insurance market are fascinating – people share data with insurers and pay premiums based on this data, and yet there are huge inefficiencies when it comes to using this data for accurate pricing and product offering. When taking into account all the data that people can easily share today, and the data that insurers have (underwriting guidelines, actuarial data, pricing and persistency data, etc.), the opportunity to create personalized, accurate, and predictive insurance products coupled with a modern buying process and selling process, is what got us excited. That is why we launched Sproutt (formerly Aktibo) in 2018 – to harness our unique capabilities to address this massive market need and opportunity.

Today, we offer the most advanced life insurance products platform for both customers and agents, that modernizes the entire life insurance buying process across several product types and specific products. Sproutt’s SmartLife enables the 1.2 million insurance professionals in the US to offer tailored life insurance policies to their customers quicker and more easily. They can initiate sales, assess potential customers’ eligibility for Sproutt’s most competitive policies, and sign them up on the spot.






The Quality of Life Index

Sproutt’s Quality of Life Index (QLI) assesses each individual’s lifestyle across five areas – movement, sleep, emotional health, nutrition, and overall lifestyle balance – and personalizes the buying experience of each policy based on the customer’s individual QLI score. An individual’s unique QLI score, Sproutt’s proprietary data layer, powers predictive customer understanding, personalized buying journeys, and tailored insurance offerings.

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