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Being active is the single most important thing to do for your health. It helps you control your appetite, mood, sleep and reduces the risk of major physical and emotional diseases.

Moving about, being agile and mobile is one of our main goals for partners and customers at Sproutt.


Why is it important to stay active?

It lifts your mood

relieves stress, anxiety, anger, and depression.

It keeps you fit and able

Without it, your body slows down and your muscle strength decreases.

It fights away doctors

Keeping active reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, hence it may lower your medical expenses.

The bottom line, physical activity helps you live longer.
So, what should you do?

Making the most of movement

150 minutes of weekly moderate physical activity – walking, jogging, cycling or swimming for instance.
High-intensity workouts if you are time-constrained.
• Spend less time sitting.
• Keep active at least 5 hours a week.
• Kids should get at least an hour of aerobic activity a day.

Did you know?

Parks & recreation distances

Only about one in five homes have parks within a half-mile, and about the same number have a fitness or recreation center within that distance.

1/5 Homes

Screen time

Children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen (e.g., TV, video games, computer).

7.5 Hours

Physically inactive

28% of Americans, or 80.2 million people in the U.S, aged six and older are physically inactive.

28% people

Are you truly fit?

Flexibility and balance:

For daily performance of any activity with ease, we need to improve and/or maintain flexibility and balance. These can be done in short bursts.


Improve the quality of your diet as you work out to increase your level of energy.

Rest and recovery:

Your body needs downtime as much as it needs to be active. Make sure you rest after a long day or as you complete vigorous training.

Muscular strength:

Strength training like lifting weights improves joint function, increases bone density, elevates ‘good’ cholesterol, and increases metabolism.

Cardiorespiratory fitness:

The supply of oxygen to skeletal muscles during prolonged movement and activity like running or cycling.

Muscular endurance:

How long can your muscles perform a task before a break is needed is your stamina. This allows us to be active for longer periods.


How do we at Sproutt, assess if you are within the recommended health guidelines of physical activity?

When you fill out the QL assessment questionnaire, we ask you a series of questions about your daily level of activeness, types of activities, and work environment. We then gauge these with the recommended guidelines for fitness. These, along with your standing of emotional wellness, your nutritional intake, overall health, and preemptive measures allow us to rate you. Now we can both recommend healthier alternatives and match you with the right plan of life insurance.

Get rewarded for the quality life you live

At Sproutt, we developed the Quality of Life Index that assesses your lifestyle and provides a personalized set of suggestions, recommendations, and references based on cutting edge medical research for a better life. Our goal is to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and get access to the best life insurance products at the best rates.

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