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3 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

For many people it feels like finding the proper work-life balance becomes harder with age. Most of us are busy juggling multiple responsibilities with our family, careers, friends, and other social responsibilities. Knowing that others are also struggling doesn't really make your juggling act any easier, but there is some comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

When We Juggle Too Much

Unfortunately, when we're busy juggling, we often can't find a moment of relaxation. Sometimes we drop the ball or a few balls, and then we feel terrible. The thing is, it's inevitable that some things on our list of to-dos will fall through the cracks we're human, after all! The trick is to know which balls to juggle and which to leave on the side.

Here are 3 tips for improving your work-life balance:

1. Set specific hours for work and stick to them

Many people check their work email and answer phone calls when they should be enjoying quality family time. Setting clear boundaries with work will allow you to enjoy your time with loved ones and help you fully be in the moment. You need to be clear with your boss and colleagues, but more importantly, you need to be clear with yourself. You should not feel that you're a bad employee for focusing on other things besides work. In fact, you will be a healthier, and more productive, person for it.

2. Prioritize and be prepared for the results

Simply making a to-do list is a good first step but it is usually not enough. You need to prioritize what is important and make sure that you are not overextended. You should focus your time and energy on activities that will improve your long-term health and outlook. There is a wide range of activities that fit into this category whether it is a short walk, spending time with your loved ones, or unwinding with a few minutes of TV at the end of the day. Your time is precious, and you need to make sure that you are using it wisely.

3. Don't give up

Maintaining a work-life balance is an ongoing process. Bumps along the road are guaranteed to happen because inevitably there will be something, either from work or family, that immediately requires a tremendous amount of our focus and energy. But don't give up. When you are finally able to get into the groove of a healthy work-life balance, you'll appreciate it that much more.

Benefits of a Healthy Work-Life BalanceWhen you achieve a healthy work-life balance, your entire life can improve. Even the everyday things that used to stress you out like hosting your kid's birthday party or writing a report for your boss can be turned into worry-free activities when you have your list of priorities sorted.

Another perk of achieving a healthy work-life balance is that you will most likely get lower premiums on your health insurance. People who are mentally and physically healthy usually qualify for one of the higher classes in terms of life insurance, and that translates into lower monthly premiums. Congratulations, you're enjoying a better work/life balance and you have a little extra money in your pocket!

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