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Top Wellness Trends of 2021

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Virtual WellnessIf theres anything we learned in 2020, its that so many things can be done from home. Naturally, this includes taking care of yourself. Digital fitness and meditation apps, online therapy, virtual exercise classes, and telemedicine became a necessity in 2020. Sales of at-home exercise equipment also shot up. This year, the trend has continued, not only with the goal of limiting exposure to germs, but because it is much more convenient to give yourself these self-care options from home.

Self-Care Through GivingDuring the pandemic, we were inundated with ideas for self-care, of ways to maintain our physical and mental health while going through a very difficult period. One of the things many people learned is that caring for others actually ends up being good for the individual, plus you end up doing some good in the world. The awareness that helping people in our communities can have this dual positive effect has taken off in 2021, and many are prioritizing time to volunteer or donate as a way to give back AND boost their own mental health.

Touchless Spa ServicesDuring the pandemic, touching others suddenly became taboo and fearful. People who got massages found themselves without a way to relax. Touchless spa services like cryotherapy, salt caves, compression therapy, infrared saunas, hyperbaric chambers, IV drips, and float tanks became more appealing. While people in general found themselves missing touch during the pandemic, they arent yet ready to jump back in. These touchless spa services offer a good way to relax, at least for the time being.

Mindful EatingMindful eating has been on the upswing for the past decade, but the onset of the pandemic catapulted it into more peoples consciousness. With so many of us stuck at home for extended periods, extreme fad diets became more difficult than usual. Becoming in tune with our bodies was the much more logical approach. Even as the pandemic has somewhat waned, the habit of mindful eating has stuck with us into 2021 and is likely to continue.

Preventative WellnessPre-pandemic, most of us would go to the doctor when we got sick. Once the pandemic struck, the idea of bolstering our immune systems became more prevalent. The strange virus, which affected some terribly and others not at all, proved a catalyst to eat healthier, lead a more active lifestyle, and take proactive measures to ward off illness. This more holistic approach has carried over into 2021 and is not likely to fade as the fear of more global pandemics lingers.

Wellness and Quality of LifeA lot of the wellness trends of 2021 appear on our Quality of Life Index: movement, nutrition, emotional health, and balance (the fifth is sleep). As you can see, wellness is essential in maintaining a high quality of life. While you dont need to adopt all of this years trends, picking one or two to focus on can give you the resilience you need when things get tough. Leading a high-quality life will also score you lower rates when you apply for life insurance. If you havent purchased life insurance yet, Sproutt insurance advisors are available to help determine what kind of life insurance is best for you. Simply answer a few questions and we will find the best-value plan for your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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