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2020 Fitness and Health Trends

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The fitness industry is looking fun, healthy, and very exciting in 2020. From new classes, through a focus on nutrition, to being tech-driven, the future is happening now.

As consumers are demanding more unique and personalized experiences, combined with a growing interest in long-term health and a passion for daily, yet new, workouts, 2020 is looking pretty good.

So what should we expect?

1. Mindful workouts:

The practice of mindfulness helps manage anxiety, even depression, and as studies show, exercise is used as a principal stress reduction method as well. Today we understand we can harness both exercise and mindfulness for this as we join the two. We will be able to utilize technology designed to help us not only maximize our workouts but improve our behavior before and after we exercise. We'll be able to track sleep patterns, the way we recover from training, and the way we meditate for maximum effectiveness. This trend offers a sustainable health plan.

2. Fitness wearables:

Although this trend is not new; it is one of the most rapidly growing in the fitness industry. Technology is evolving so quickly where wearables have shown a market volume of $14m in 2019. These include fitness trackers, heart monitors, and smartwatches, among others. Come 2020, the worldwide smart fitness wear market is becoming mainstream.

3. At-home workouts:

Working out at home in 2020 does not mean treadmills. It means creative and personalized workouts that include apps, specialized equipment, or participating in classes remotely. Now you can choose your pick of the time you workout, for how long, what class, and the intensity while tracking your vitals as you utilize AI personal trainers. Thus reducing the clash of convenience and health.

4. Nutrition:

Fitness today, and moving forward, goes hand in hand with nutrition. The biggest trend now is plant-based nutrition. This relates to the key issue of sustainability and conservation and extends to all industries. As we look into the future it's predicted that by 2040 only 40% of the population will be eating meat. This trend is becoming the norm.

In Summary

Fitness and nutrition have been playing a major role in our choice of lifestyle for ourselves and our families. We want to be healthy, feel good, reduce stress in our life, and have it full of meaning.

2020 brings convenience and personalization to our nutrition and fitness choices as well as to other choices we make to take care of and protect our families.

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Stay healthy, stay fit, stay covered.

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