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No-Load Life Insurance

What is No-Load Life Insurance?

No-load life insurance is any policy established without a commission paid to a life insurance agent and ongoing service fees. Because of that, it’s generally more affordable than other life policies, but it can come with drawbacks.

Life insurance policies and commissions

Many life insurance companies offer their policies through agents. These insurance professionals help people understand their policy options and choose the right coverage for their specific needs and budget.

These agents get paid via commissions on policies that they sell. The insurance provider loads the cost of that commission into the premiums the policy owner pays. This slightly raises the overall cost of the policy.

The big pro of no-load life insurance

The main draw of no-load life insurance comes down to fewer fees, which means more affordable premiums.

Again, most life insurance policies load the agent’s commission and service fees into the premium the policy owner has to pay. Without those costs, no-load life insurance can cost less than an agent-sold policy with the same coverage terms and death benefit.

That said, consumers should be advised that no-load policies come with some cons, too.

The drawbacks with no-load coverage

For starters, no-load life insurance can be challenging to find. Most insurance providers rely on internal and/or external sales teams to sell their policies. Consequently, they build commissions into their pricing structure. Long story short, the vast majority of life insurance policies available today aren’t no-load policies.

Additionally, because no-load coverage axes agent fees, the associated services get cut as well. That means no-load policies are the best fit for people who have ample time to do their own research and who feel comfortable shopping their policy options and understanding insurance terminology.

Finally, no-load policies aren’t necessarily fee-free. While commission costs aren’t loaded in, no-load policies may still include handling fees, processing fees, and transaction fees. It’s important to read a policy’s terms, as these fees might be hidden in the fine print.

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