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The Perfect Thanksgiving Game Plan

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Thanksgiving is the rare holiday that transcends religion. Every year, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others who live in America mark the fourth Thursday in November as a day of thanks, turkey, football, friends, and family. It's truly a remarkable day that allows us to enjoy life's simple pleasures while remembering all we have to be grateful for.

On the more practical side of things, preparing or hosting a Thanksgiving meal can be hard. Just cooking a 15-pound turkey is enough to knock you out, and then there are the sides, dessertsand don't forget the cleaning. Sometimes, there are so many things to prepare, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

To make sure that doesn't happen, we've come up with a Thanksgiving Game Plan to help you get the most out of this glorious, turkey-filled day.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Day Game Plan

Want to avoid Thanksgiving burnout so you can actually feel thankful? Here are some ways to help you get the most out of your day. This isn't your typical checklist of tasks to tick off, but rather, a broader plan that can help you focus on your priorities.

Get Enough Sleep the Night BeforeYou may have noticed that we're keen on getting a good night's sleep, and for good reason. Getting enough shuteye is the key to many health benefits, including reduced stress, reduced risk of certain cancers, elevated mood, improved memory, boosted immune system, lower blood pressure, weight maintenance and more. To help you achieve this goal, make a cooking schedule that doesn't leave everything to the last minute. No point in staying up till midnight cooking if you'll just be cranky the next day!

Find Time to Work OutIf you can't find time to work out on Thanksgiving, don't beat yourself up. We all need a break every now and then. However, exercising the day before and after can make the difference between you feeling good about yourself and you feeling like a stuffed turkey. Exercise will not only help you shed the extra calories you packed with all the Thanksgiving yumminess, but it will also give you energy to prepare and clean up.

Make Healthy Food ChoicesHealthy food and Thanksgiving may seem mutually exclusive, but they don't need to be. Turkey is low-fat and an excellent source of protein, so nothing wrong with that. The main issues are with the carb- and sugar-rich sides and desserts, like stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, all sorts of pies, etc. (Drooling yet?) Fortunately, there are ways to make all these delicious Thanksgiving staples in a way that you don't need to give yourself an insulin shot after. Check out our previous blog (link here) for healthy eating ideas. It's a way to get the most out of Thanksgiving without ruining all the hard work you do year-round.

Invite Family and FriendsCOVID-19 permitting, spending Thanksgiving with family and friends is a great way to keep in mind what we have to be thankful for. If spending time with certain family members stresses you out, focus on others. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and make you feel good (and also who will pitch in with all the work!).

Don't Sweat the Small StuffWhen preparing a meal and event of this magnitude, it's possible that not everything will go exactly as planned. The stuffing might burn, or your friend might bring a plus one who wasn't invited...being prepared for the unexpected helps you handle it with aplomb when it happens. So what if the stuffing burns? You have plenty of other sides. Who cares if one extra person joins? You have plenty of food! Focusing on the good instead of the things that are not in your control will ultimately help you have a more enjoyable day.

Health MattersWhy the detailed game plan for a one-day event? Even though Thanksgiving is only one day, and only really celebrated for a few hours of that day, health is so important that compromising for even a short time isn't worth it. Moreover, once you break out of healthy habits, even for a few hours, it's much harder to resume. The principle of inertia tells us that it's much easier to stay in your current state than to change. Make your current state one of health, and you're more likely to stay that way.

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