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The Impact of COVID-19 On Current and Future American Wellness

Introduction The year 2020 tested everyone economically, socially, emotionally. The pandemic brought unexpected challenges and put a strain on nearly every facet of life. However, when it comes to wellness practices and regimens, Americans havent been deterred by COVID-19s effects. In fact, many have been encouraged to live better lives and have a positive outlook on what 2021 may bring. To better understand what wellness patterns have developed during COVID-19, Sproutt launched a study polling over 1,000 Americans about the ways they have chosen to care for themselves during a turbulent time and their outlook towards their future wellness.

Key findings

  1. 93% of Americans are happy or looking to improve their wellness routine post-pandemic.

  2. 69% have either improved or seen no change in their nutrition regimens.

  3. 57% of Americans have taken steps to improve their physical health during the pandemic.

  4. 35% of respondents expect their stress levels to be lower in 2021 than they were in 2020.

Wellness During COVID-19 Americans have felt deep effects of the pandemic and the disruption it brought upon many aspects of life. Over half of respondents felt the negative impact on their mental health especially. Only 13% indicated improvement in their emotional state.

To what extent has your emotional health been affected during the pandemic?

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Wellness Takes a Hit

happy parents with life insurance
  1. Factors such as sleep patterns and work/life balance could potentially be affecting the emotional state of Americans.

  2. One third of Americans have indicated that their sleep patterns have been disturbed since the start of the pandemic, even when 10% are sleeping more.

  3. 39% feel that the boundaries between their working life and personal life were negatively affected during the pandemic.

Nutrition and Physical Health Defy Negative COVID-19 Wellness Patterns

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ATo what extent has your nutrition been affected since the start of the pandemic?

"I eat..."

Healthy feeding for life insurance


To what extent have you taken steps to improve your physical health since the start of the pandemic?

  1. 57% of respondents took steps to improve their physical health.

  2. 13% reported their physical health had declined.

Lasting Positive Practices Going Into 2021

  1. Americans

happy parents with life insurance
  1. There is no doubt that the stressors brought on by the pandemic has harmed certain aspects of wellbeing. Americans are looking for ways to significantly decrease their stress levels moving into 2021. More than a third of respondents expect their stress levels to be lower in 2021 than they were in 2020 (35%).

The Future of Wellness Routines

  1. More than two-thirds respondents plan to improve their wellbeing in 2021 by eating more healthily, sleeping more, and/or meditating.

  2. 93% Americans are optimistic about their future self care, with 93% happy with or looking to improve their wellness routine post-pandemic.

Do you intend to continue your wellness routine post-pandemic?

wellness routine post-pandemic
What weve seen in these results is an overwhelming optimism on behalf of the respondents, pointing to an inherent desire to thrive even in turbulent times. The level of self-determination among participants demonstrates the desire to take control over their lives. The drive to find new and innovative ways to care for and better themselves has outweighed fear or despondence which is truly inspiring. Yoav Shaham CEO & Co-founder of Sproutt
Not many people associate life insurance with wellness, but the two are intrinsically tied. What weve seen in these results is a strong resolve to live better and longer, and Americans deserve insurance that is as invested in their wellness as they themselves are. Itai Brinker CTO & Co-founder of Sproutt

Conclusion Examining over 1,000 Americans thoughts on the impact the pandemic had on their wellness practices highlighted what direction they believed their wellness should head in 2021. They expressed the desire to improve upon existing routines, lead a less stressful life, and change lifestyle habits. Most of all, Americans have expressed optimism in the overall future of their wellness. COVID-19 upended daily life and created new priorities, highlighting the importance of focusing inward and improving individual wellness. Self-determination prevailed over fear brought on by the pandemic, and Americans found new and innovative ways to care for and better themselves. Changes in overall wellness routines have the capacity to provide Americans with better results in all areas of their lives, from improved life insurance policies to longer lives.

About Sproutt Sproutt is a new kind of insurance company that celebrates life and believes people should be rewarded for living well. Sproutt ensures people obtain the most appropriate insurance coverage according to their lifestyle, preferences and needs, and rewards those who live well with more competitive policies. Backed by State of Mind Ventures, Moneta VC, FinTLV, Guardian Life, and MS&AD Ventures, Sproutt's business operations are based in New York with an R&D center in Tel Aviv.

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