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Summer Series: Staycation Ideas For The Whole Family

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

If you don't feel like braving air travel just yet, there are plenty of ways to feel like you're on vacation without going anywhere. That's right, you can create your very own staycation and design it to suit the interests of everyone in your family. Want to hear more? Read on!

5 Staycation Ideas for the Entire Family

If you equate staying home with your family and boring, think again. There are plenty of ways to have fun, stop your kids from killing each other, and even enjoy each other's company. Here they are.

Backyard CampingCamping isn't about going far from your home but about getting out in nature and doing something different. This is why camping in your backyard can be just as fun as the nearest campsite. In fact, camping at home comes with the added benefit of always having a bathroom nearby.

So prepare as you would for a regular camping trip: gather your camping gear and set up, well, camp in your backyard. You can also:

  1. Build a backyard fire pit to cook your favorite camping food

  2. Drink hot chocolate from thermoses

  3. Play backyard games: Ring toss, scavenger hunt, frisbee, and more

  4. Project a movie by hanging a white sheet against a wall

  5. Tell ghost stories around the fire

  6. Have a campfire sing-along (with guitar, if someone plays)

Backyard Water ParkEven if water parks are open these days, staying home means avoiding risk. And why can't you create a water park in your backyard? Wait a minute, you can! There are plenty of ways to go about it, but our favorite is setting up a long Slip n Slide. That's the base of the park.

Depending on how old your kids are and the set-up of your backyard, you can add:

  1. Regular or Super Soaker water guns

  2. Pre-made water balloons

  3. Sprinklers

  4. Hoses

  5. A blow-up kiddie pool

If you want to make it really fun, create an obstacle course that requires each participant to complete a series of steps until they reach the end. The prize? You decide. Ice cream, ices, watermelon it's your park, so you call the shots!

Las Vegas StaycationCasinos aren't the most family-friendly destination, but there's no reason why you can't create a family-friendly version at home.

Start with a buffet-style breakfast, the kind you'd get at a glitzy Las Vegas hotel. Don't hold back pancakes and French toast with syrup, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fresh rolls, fresh orange juice, butter, jam, flavored coffee whatever your family likes to eat, and then some.

After breakfast, it's time to dive into the games. Rummy, blackjack, and poker are all good ideas, or you can switch them up with Yahtzee, Monopoly, or any other game you see fit. Instead of chips, get some bags of M&Ms (or other candies that won't melt) and ante up. You can play one-off games or create tournaments with special prizes for the winners.

And here's the perfect end to your Las Vegas staycation: watch a magic show.

DIY CarnivalMany annual events have been canceled this year, and if your local carnival is one of them, you can expect some disappointed family members. However, not all is lost, since there are plenty of carnival games you can play at home.

To pull off a DIY carnival, you first need to buy prizes so that your kids won't walk away empty-handed. Then, get all your classic carnival food ready: cotton candy, popcorn, candy apples, corn dogs. Whatever you can't make, buy (or order online). Make posters announcing the big day. Get your kids excited!

Finally, set up various stations throughout your house or backyard to give your kids the classic carnival experience. There can be a balloon shaving stop, face painting, bobbing for apples, and more. (Here's a list of some really good ideas.) Bear in mind, this is a lot of work for one person to do alone, make sure to get your partner or older kids to help you. You can also take turns running the stations so that everyone gets a turn at each one.

Movie MarathonSome of the above suggestions may only be suitable for families who like certain things (the outdoors, card games, etc.) but a movie marathon is something everyone can do. Who doesn't like movies? And having a "marathon" can turn it into an inclusive family activity. The grownups can pick one movie, the kids can pick another, that way everyone participates and gets something they like. Popcorn and other snacks are a must so that the kids can feel that they're doing something special.

Happy Family, Happy LifeIt's not easy feeling like you're stuck at home, but with these ideas, you can make the most of it. Some of them might be better done once, while others can be repeated as many times as your family wants.

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