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Summer Series: Fun Summer Workouts

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Summer is a time of fun in the sun, spending time with friends, breaking out of your regular routine to enjoy all that life has to offer. At the same time that you're breaking free, there are certain things from your good old routine that are worthwhile maintaining. Exercise is a perfect example. Just because you're pursuing summer fun doesn't mean that your pursuit of healthy practices should suffer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to work out in the summer that won't cramp your style or impinge on your fun.

6 Great Summer Workouts

If you're not following your regular routine during the summer, don't fear. There are plenty of ways to get in the requisite 150 minutes of exercise per week, and these things are so fun you won't even feel like you're exercising. Check out the 5 best workouts for the summer.

1. Beach volleyballBeach volleyball is a great activity and you don't need to be a pro-volleyball player to enjoy it. No matter what your level of athleticism, you can give it a shot and see improvement as you go along. Volleyball traditionally works the legs, arms, and core, and beach volleyball has been shown to burn more calories than its indoor counterpart. As you get the full-body workout you need, you can also get to laugh, socialize, and soak in essential vitamin D.

2. SwimmingDuh, swimming and summer are the perfect match, not only because the water keeps you cool, but because swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise. You can do laps on your own or with a friend, switch up strokes, and time yourself to keep this exercise interesting and dynamic.

3. Water aerobicsAnother water workout, water aerobics is different from swimming in that you're doing various exercises with your feet planted on the floor of the pool. Benefits of water aerobics include less stress on your joints, less strain on your heart and it prevents you from getting overheated. While these points usually make this workout ideal for seniors, people of all ages can enjoy a good workout in the pool.

4. SUP (stand up paddleboard) YogaDefinitely a niche exercise, SUP yoga is pretty much what it sounds like practicing yoga while standing up on a paddleboard, And yes, the paddleboard is in the middle of a body of water, preferably a placid one. Doing it in the ocean at the beach requires some seriously advanced balance skills. In general, SUP yoga requires more strength, balance, and focus than typical yoga or paddleboarding. The combination is quite thrilling. To attempt this sport, some level of expertise in both yoga and paddleboarding is best.

5. Walking or running (on the beach)Walking/running is an exercise you can do year-round, but in the summer it's an exercise that is very easy to stick to. This is because you can do it as a full-blown workout or include it as part of your day. If you're taking advantage of the summertime activities offered in your neighborhood, you can walk there instead of drive. The only caveat is to make sure your head is covered and that you drink lots of water.

If you live near a beach, walking or running there is ideal. There is often a cool sea breeze even when the temperature is hot, and like beach volleyball, it burns more calories than its traditional counterparts. In fact, walking or running on the beach can burn up to 30% more calories than walking on solid ground.

6. KayakingKayaking is a great way to have fun and give your muscles a serious workout. You can go kayaking in any body of water, on your own or with others. How many people fit in a kayak depends on the model, so you're really in control as to whether you want it to be a social experience or an intense workout on your own. Rowing works out your lats, abs, and arms, while the water keeps you cool even when it's boiling hot outside.

Work Out, Feel GreatExercise isn't only great for our bodies, it's great for our minds. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress, elevate mood, even give us an energy boost. And when exercise is fun, we have more motivation to do it.

When you feel good, physically, and mentally, your entire quality of life can improve. And when that happens, you open yourself up to so many more benefits, including lower rates on life insurance. Generally, the healthier someone is, the better rates they get on life insurance premiums.

So what are you waiting for? Go out, exercise, and reap a plethora of benefits!

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