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Stress Relief: How to Declutter and Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

DeclutteringClutter can more easily accumulate in a small house, but can also pile up in a big house that isnt organized properly. When it comes down to the wire, decluttering is all about organization. You can read plenty of tips (like here, for example) and the common factor among them is that they all entail being organized and having the proper organizational equipment in your home. Practical tips for spice racks, hooks on walls, large baskets for toys and different types of shelving are great but you have to do them. Many of us find ourselves holding back on getting the necessary items we need for organization because of the cost. The cost of storage items can add up, plus, if you cant add hooks or shelves yourself, youll need to hire someone to do it. So heres the thing you dont need to do them all at once, but try one a month until you get everything you need. And dont think about the expense as a luxury think of it as a necessity. After all, a cluttered home leads to stress and anxiety, and in the long run, taking care of your mental health is not something you can compromise on.

Making Your Home Feel More SpaciousIf you live in a large house, you can get all the storage items you need to reduce clutter and go on your merry way. But what if you live in a small home? Lets say that youve bought all the proper storage equipment baskets for toys and knick knacks, hooks in your kitchen for pots, an outdoor storage closet for miscellaneous items how can you make your home feel bigger than it actually is?

  1. Add windows, with a view of greenery if possible - Natural light can give the impression of a wider, less-enclosed space, and having a view of greenery from the window has been shown to increase a positive state of mind. So while youre not actually getting more space, youre getting the impression of more space plus a dose of feel-good visuals from outside.

  2. Place large mirrors strategically on the walls of your apartment - Like windows, mirrors give the illusion of a larger space. A changed perception is all we need to soothe our nerves and help us feel calmer. Check out these ideas from The Spruce for mirror placement.

  3. Paint with light colors - Living in a dark place can make us feel dark. Brighten up your home and mood with light-colored walls.

Home Maintenance is ConstantHow well do we all know that just because you declutter once or add a window, your job is not done. Maintaining a clutter-free, feel-good home isnt something you can do once and forget about. Its constant. It can take one hour to clean a room and one minute to mess it up again. Thats why its important to get into the habit of putting things in their places. If there is a place for everything, it will be much easier to contain clutter (and anxiety!). You can also teach your kids and partner about putting things away so that it becomes a joint family effort. Some things, of course, dont need to be done every day or week, but every few months. Going through your medicine cabinet, clothes closet and pantry and chucking things that are old or you dont use is a great way to maintain the clutter-free zone youve created.

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