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Sproutt Selected for Google's Startup Growth Lab

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We're excited to be one of eight startups that were selected to participate in Google's Startup Growth Lab in Tel Aviv. This program includes multiple hands-on workshops with industry experts to learn more about the latest tools and technologies. The courses' topics include Go-To-Market Strategy, Measurement, UX/UI, Google Ads, and YouTube.

The team at Google identified promising startups throughout Israel and conducted interviews to decide which companies to accept into their accelerator. Google is taking an active role in building the digital marketing strategy of companies where they see clear potential and growth opportunities. All the companies selected are from separate industries which provides a unique dynamic and a different perspective for each of the participants.

The other companies included in the program are Oribi, DayTwo, Melio Payments, Bookaway, Proggio, Guesty, and accelerator has already received media coverage from multiple publications including Reuters.

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