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Practicing Yoga at Home | Online Classes with Sharron Lynn

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The bottom line - we all want to be physically fit and mentally healthy. This may sound simple but in order to achieve these goals we have to be continually aware and in tune with ourselves, our body, and our feelings. Not a trivial task, along with taking care of our family, working, and tending to our everyday routine.

For years, yoga has been a prevailing practice of people seeking physical, mental, and spiritual balance in order to maintain the ideal lifestyle. Ample research has shown that regular yoga practice improves various areas in life such as sleep habits, weight loss, happiness, concentration, and higher everyday energy.

Yoga to instill better well-being habits

Adding yoga to your weekly schedule only a few times a week can make the difference you've been searching for.

Yoga also improves mindfulness and fosters awareness, compassion, and gratitude along. These positive feedback loops can further promote health and encourage you to achieve better future habits.

Today, yoga is prevalent. There's a surge in practice by a wide variety of people - all ages, backgrounds, socio-economic standings, professions, and health conditions.

The benefits of practicing YogaThere are many aspects of your well-being that the practice of yoga works on:

  1. Reducing stress through a focus on your movement and body.

  2. Improving posture through body control and balance throughout the regular practice.

  3. Lowering blood pressure as it enhances circulation throughout the body as the body calms down.

  4. Increasing strength as you use your own body weight.

  5. Improving sleep as you learn to calm down, let go of stress, and hence easily fall into a sound sleep.

  6. Uplifting your mood as you feel refreshed after each yoga session full of energy.

  7. Becoming positive and looking at life with an optimistic and hopeful perspective when you regularly practice Yoga.

To name a few.

Online yoga classesSharron Lynn, a practicing Yogi, has partnered with us at Sproutt to provide online yoga sessions from her Breathe. Flow. Be online channel.

"I can say with 100% confidence that my yoga practice has permanently altered my life for the better. At the very beginning of my practice I noticed that whenever I dealt with heightened anxiety or struggled to make decisions, I would be noticeably calmer and much clearer after coming out of a yoga class. The deeper I got into the practice, the more it's vast benefits were undeniable. Not only do we get to enjoy the physical benefits such as increased flexibility, strength, and improved energy and vitality, the mental health benefits are also incredibly rewarding. It's a powerful practice and I'm forever grateful to be a student and teacher".

The right path to wellnessThis is the time to try it. Yoga is transformational and along with a few other health tips you can be on the right track to a life of wellness.

Check out our blog for Sharron's Yoga classes, we'll be posting a new class every couple of weeks. You can also find more information about Sharron here.

For your personalized health status and report through an online health assessment, check out Sproutt's Quality of Life Index. you can be on the right track to a life of wellness.

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