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Customer Review - Zack Castle

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

After Zack bought life insurance with Sproutt, he was kind enough to send us this review describing his experience and motivation. He explains why he recently started looking for life insurance, how Sproutt was able to provide coverage that works for him and his family, and how Sproutt's insurance advisors were able to support him during the process.

This is our favorite kind of feedback - hearing back from the people we are helping to protect throughout their lives. Thank you, Zack!

Check out Zack's testimonial summary below.

A family of 3 and SprouttWe are a family of 3 - my wife, me, and our two months' old daughter. I'm a physician and we live in Texas.

Family is not left with student debtWe started looking for life insurance because we just had our daughter and I wanted to make sure my wife and her were protected if anything was to happen to me.

We were looking for good coverage for a reasonable premium since we are still paying off loans from medical school. I wanted to be assured my family is able to pay off our debt if anything was to happen to me.

Finding the most affordable coverageI came upon Sproutt when I was looking online for life insurance and their process seemed easy and straightforward. The premium was the most affordable and the application process was fast.

Not just an online applicationAside from the swift online process, someone from Sproutt actually reached out, called me, and stayed in touch with me until I was approved. Even before and after the medical exams. This, of course, gave me a lot of confidence that Sproutt takes me seriously as their customer.

Finally, relief and comfortNow that I've completed the life insurance application process and have life insurance through Sproutt, I have a lot of comfort knowing that if anything was to happen to me, my family would be taken care of.

Bottom line - It's been really nice working with Sproutt.

Thanks again, Zack.

If you would also like to sign up for life insurance with Sproutt or check out the online process, just click here.

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