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4 Tips for Saving Money with Toddlers

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

When you have toddlers, it often feels as if the expenses are endless. Clothes, childcare, babysitters, toys, games, and more the list goes on and on! However, just because you have a lot of expenses doesn't mean you need to go broke.

Here are 4 tips for saving money when you have toddlers in the house.

Cook At Home

Life can get hectic and most days it is far more convenient to order from restaurants than it is to cook for yourself. However, restaurants tend to be far more expensive and they can quickly take up a significant amount of your budget. If you cook for yourself, you can make sure that you are saving your hard-earned dollars. You will need to spend more during one big supermarket run, but it will be worth it over the long run.

Avoid DisposablesIt's really tempting to use disposable dishes, utensils, and cups when you have toddlers running underfoot. You don't have to spend time washing them, and what's more, they can't break and shatter all over the floor. However, despite the convenience, this expense can quickly add up. As a bonus, by avoiding disposable tableware you are also being more environmentally responsible!

Share a BabysitterYou don't want to leave your toddler with just anyone so finding the right babysitter is paramount. However, if you and your partner both have a full work schedule this can be a very big expense. It may be worthwhile for you to coordinate with other families in your neighborhood to hire one babysitter that can watch over all your children. While you need to make sure the logistics are doable, this can cut your costs significantly.

Buy Life Insurance When You're YoungLife insurance is a necessity for parents of toddlers it's essential that you protect your family's financial security should disaster strike. But the longer you wait, the higher your rates are likely to be. By getting life insurance when you're young you can make sure you pay lower premiums over the duration of the policy.

While we can't help you with the first three, we can help you with the last one!

Sproutt insurance advisors are available to help you determine what kind of life insurance is best for you. Simply answer a few questions and we will find the best-value plan for your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

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